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Our Sixth Element marks the beginning of our journey to be a complete being

We often come across the phrases like “you are such a dead person” or “you don’t have a life”. Are those people really dead? No, they are equally breathing in oxygen and releasing out carbon dioxide like other beings, who are made up of five elements. But they lack the passion and zeal in their living. They have never realised the importance of life and fail to enjoy this blessing of God.

The presence of zeal and passion, or the Sixth Element, in our living makes our life more cheerful and energetic. It not only expresses our cheerfulness, liveliness and happiness, but also makes us fitter and healthier, boosts our immune system and exhibits our eternal youth. Our life is meant to be joyful and euphoric. This is possible when we cherish every moment of life as a blessing of god and envisage holistic wellness as a mission of our life. From bedrooms to boardrooms, every moment of our life is radiant and sparkling.

Only a jubilant mind and a healthy body can cherish every moment of life. And food, which is often synonymous with health, is a vital source of vibrant mind and physical fit body. However, it was the tastier food for former and a healthier food for latter, that act as a major factor for achieving them. But until now, tasty food was not healthy and vice versa.

The Sixth Element of few human beings thrived them to find out something that is healthier as well as delicious. They chose Ayurveda – the science of living and various ancient scriptures to carry out their research and rediscover the lost legacy of flavours in natural foods. Incorporated as Global Premium Health Foods Private Limited, The Sixth Element unveils the secrets of flavours in Ayurveda, which makes the food healthy and tasty simultaneously. It was these delectable and 100% organic food products, on which both saints and warriors of ancient India fed upon and was the main reason for their healthy living.

The Sixth Element recently launched four flavours in honey namely – Jamun, Gulkund, Multi Flora, Raw Wild and White Honey. No artificial flavours were added in it. It was special bee farming technique that was borrowed from Ayurveda and was used to produce the flavours in Honey. For instance, honeybees fed only on Jamun Trees to collect the nectar and produce Jamun Honey. Along with the medicinal properties of honey, it nurtures the amazing savour of Jamun that is appreciated by our tastebuds. For more information, email at or contact us on: +91-8882060606