Know Us

The Sixth Element

The zeal and passion that define our expression of living is the Sixth Element. It complements the five elements that are used by god in making our bodies to define what we all call “Living a True Life”. This Sixth Element exhibits our eternal youth, overflowing vigour and cheerfulness lives.

Our Mission

Taste and Health have always been considered as the two parallel sides of a flowing river called Life. There is a myth that these two are not meant to be cherished together. However, Ayurveda refutes this myth and proves that wellness is all about flavours and healthy living. What is missing is the presence of nature in our lives and increase in dependency on artificial flavours and processed foods that is harmful to our well-being. We envisage to bring the savours of nature that are pure, healthy, and tasty and are for anyone and everyone.

Who are we

Known for their commitment to deliver the best of everything from the world at your doorstep, Sixth Element is a new venture of lively and cheerful entrepreneurs, Gurvinder Singh and Gurjeet Singh. The names are familiar to all Bollywood celebs, top bureaucrats and ministers, diplomats and ambassadors of various nations in India, and esteemed business houses of India, for their commitment and trustworthiness that is established in over 20 years by providing impeccable services through their group company – Global Premium Lifestyle Private Limited.

The Beginning

Wellness is not just about looking good rather we should focus on internal well-being as well, believes our managing director, Gurvinder Singh. Being the connoisseur of food and a health enthusiast, he founded The Sixth Element in 2013, wherein he imported the best Superfoods from around the world. These included Cacao Powder, Camau Powder, Chia Seeds, Goji Berries, Palm Sugar, Quinoa Super-Grain and Trail Mix that were a perfect representation of organic savoury food with health benefits.

Cinque Terre

Our Quest & the Research

Cinque Terre

Life is a blessing! Then why being healthy means flavourless food and joyless life? What were the secrets of healthy living of the people in Ancient and Medieval era? These questions embarked our quest to find out superfoods that were delectable and healthy. Headed by our passionate managing director, the team of experts extensively studied about Ayurveda, various Superfoods across the globe, and their effect on humans. They travelled the length and the breadth of the globe to conduct researches, check the viability of healthy yet savoury superfoods and develop premium health foods that is tasty and are of global standards.

Sense of Achievement

After more than 3 years of extensive research, the team discovered various techniques and ways to produce a completely new league of food products in India that are savoury yet natural and 100% organic. The team also came across impeccable food products from various parts of the world that complimented Sixth Elements philosophy of inducing passion and cheerfulness in living while moving towards Holistic Wellness. The Sixth Element launched its first set of products, themed as Flavours of Nature, in May 2017. These products included flavoured honey and flavoured teas that are produced in India and flavoured Gluten-Free diet shakes and plant proteins from the West. Interesting fact about these products are, no artificial flavours are added.

Cinque Terre